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A part of Dairy Market’s retail section, Quattro Tizi is an upscale urban, contemporary men’s & women’s clothing and lifestyle store. With the name meaning “Four Dudes” in Italian, after owner Beth Reichert’s four sons, Quattro Tizi was started by Beth and her business partner Ian Dillard after meeting at a workout class. After getting to talking, they both agreed there was a missing niche with upscale male clothing stores, and from there, the idea of Quattro Tizi was born. Beth and Ian were both inspired by the New York City-based Saturdays NYC, a trendy lifestyle shop in SoHo with a coffee shop attached so patrons can shop and socialize, and Quattro Tizi will have a similar vibe. The clothing, accessories, décor, furniture, art and other product selections at Quattro Tizi are highly curated, and Beth and Ian work together to sell items they both love, focusing on organic and sustainable brands.



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