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Moo Thru has been serving delicious treats since it is first store opened in Remington in the summer of 2010. What was originally intended to be a small outlet to sell the family’s fresh dairy products quickly turned into a busy delicious mid-point rest stop between Charlottesville and DC. The amazing ice cream at the iconic red barn on James Madison Highway quickly imprinted on the hearts and lips of their customers.  Moo Thru has grown steadily over the past 10 years and looks forward to sharing its amazing products throughout Virginia. Moo Thru is proud to partner with the Dairy Market and is ecstatic to serve the people of Charlottesville.

Contact Moo Thru at 434-202-8139.

Interested in having your kid’s birthday party at Dairy Market? With pizza-making and ice cream, their special day will be one to remember! Click here to learn more about the party options with Dino’s pizza, Moo Thru ice cream, or both!




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