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In Thailand, street food still prevails, and most people get at least one of their meals every day from these merchants. Because of this, street food is of very high quality. Vendors compete for customers, so the food has got to be good! Thai food culture is all about customization and at the new Chimm St. food stall in the Dairy Market, our chefs will craft meals that are reminiscent of the hustle and bustle of the street markets of Thailand. Convenience plays a huge role in Thailand’s food popularity and tradition and the communal aspect of eating are part of the ultimate Thai experience. At Dairy Market, the menu will highlight this aspect of cuisine, share the communal experience and integrate the regional foods and flavors of SouthEast Asia. In Thai, Chimm means “taste.” At CHIMM St., expect to be captivated by authentic Thai flavors in a food hall environment perfect for infusing ingenuity and a wholesomeness to each dish.

Call Chimm Street at 434-207-8488.




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